Run With The Wind

Synopsis: Sarah, a young widow with a crippled son faces the twin enemies of poverty and infantile paralysis. Galveston turns worried eyes to Europe and the rapacious onslaught of Adolph Hitler, and his promise to murder millions. 

The world erupts into war and American oil tankers are sunk as German submarines patrol the Gulf. Sarah, secretary and assistant manager of Galveston Pilots Guild, finds herself embroiled in the dangers of a world war, while at the same time longing for the day when her son will defeat polio and realize his dream to go to the beach and Run With the Wind.


Run With the Wind

Secrets of WW II Galveston 

Summer, 1938. The Beginning:

A stranger crashes his car through Sarah Jacob’s rusting wrought-iron picket fence and into her side yard as the young widow watches in a mixture of terror and concern. The man climbs from the wreck and staggers toward Sarah, holding his hand in an awkward closed-fist greeting. But before he can go more than two or three steps, he collapses to his knees and dies, leaving behind only the vaguest of clues about the secret he was delivering. 


Sarah’s 10-year old son, crippled with polio, has a secret about the man who died, and lives in fear, unable to tell anyone, and unsure where he can find help.    

Sarah’s Great-Uncle Levi Weismann, Galveston pioneer, family patriarch and head of Galveston’s premier bank has a secret that he intends to carry to his grave. 

A handsome stranger, claiming to be an author doing research, arrives in Galveston with a secret and initiates a friendship with Sarah’s banker uncle.   

And this stranger, an avid surf fisherman whose long surf rods oddly resemble short-wave radio antenna, begins a program of worming his way into Sarah’s and her son’s life. 

Then, the blanket of a world war descends upon the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston.

The Target:

Sarah, secretary and assistant manager of Galveston Pilots’ Guild is responsible for shipping schedules for oil tankers carrying Texas crude through the Gulf to the New Jersey refineries. As such, she finds herself the target of German spies and saboteurs as they seek information to feed enemy submarines lurking offshore.  

Sarah’s Secret:

 Sarah longs for the day when her crippled son can put aside his leg braces and crutches, go to the beach, and 

Run With the Wind

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