This post features a newspaper review of Never Cry Again:

Fiction Steeped in History

Never Cry Again, A Five Star Novel by Jim Cole

Review by Ann Witte, republished here with permission:

Aug. 10, 2016

In his book Never Cry Again author Jim Cole leads the reader to ponder the effects of poverty on opportunity and behavior.

It seems that poverty, as in the Great Depression and its gut wrenching aftermath, has the ability to bring out the worst and the best in the members of Cole’s cast.

The descriptions of characters and events bring to mind a movie set. The reader can visualize the scenes and feel drawn into the time and place. It is as though Cole was there and is sharing his personal impressions. He is that kind of writer.

The main character is a boy named Drew. From babyhood he is challenged and shaped by the forces of his surroundings. When Drew’s home is in a house of ill repute, he receives care and nurturing from surprising sources, so that the youngster learns about compassion and commitment.

When Drew is 10 years old, he feels compelled to leave home due to an abusive situation caused by his mother’s lack of protection for him from her deviate male associate. Drew hops a freight train to the great unknown.

Drew has several traits that serve him well as he makes his way into his future. He has a good mind. He has no bad habits. He is courageous. And he is loyal to those who deserve his loyalty.

Drew’s experiences take him through friendships, dangerous plots, romance and spellbinding twists of fate. The pages fly by. The reader must know each outcome. The descriptions can be read again at a later time.

Jim Cole has written a book that is set in the South during the period of the Great Depression to World War II. “Never Cry Again” is fiction steeped in history and geography and sociology. It is relevant to our lives today because it causes us to consider how lives are affected but not controlled by circumstances.


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