Run With the Wind

A Story of WW II Galveston
(Publication scheduled for early 2019)
This is the story of a  young  Jewish widow who inherits a crumbling Victorian mansion and  decides to remodel it into apartments. . One day, a mysterious but handsome stranger, with an ever so slight German accent, moves into one of the apartments  and into Sarah’s life.
Sarah’s son, crippled by polio, is a focal point of her life. He is 10 when we first meet Sarah, but she well remembers the day when Benjamin, at age 4, is fitted with full braces for the first time and takes the first  steps he has ever taken in his life. He tells his mom, “Someday I’m gonna go to the beach and run with the wind.”
The stranger with the accent learns of Benji’s affliction, and works diligently with the boy so that he does go to the beach, and  Run With the Wind.
Does he do this because he sees this as a way to Sarah heart, or is he indeed interested in helping a crippled boy? Is something more sinister involved as the United States careens toward WW II?